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Friday, April 27, 2012

Every time you use these printable coupons funds are provided to support your favorite charities and causes - at no cost to you!

183_XioXI3xqGsHh8Z2PH6mg_COUPON1242  Save $1.00 on One (1) Bag of DORITOS® Jacked 10 oz or Larger When You Buy One (1) Bag of DORITOS® 10 oz or Larger

183_n36AC4LXSgriLg87-8iq_COUPON1241  Save $1.00 on One (1) Jar of RUFFLES® Ultimate Dip 15 oz or Larger When You Buy One (1) Bag of RUFFLES® Ultimate 8oz or Larger

183_1B44nUnF1yPwB394KaIm_COUPON1235  Save $1.00 on One (1) Bag of SMARTFOOD SELECTS 3.25 oz or Larger 

183_6q46AaxYwgfAgBskHY0d_COUPON1234 Save $1.00 on Two (2) Bags of Stacy's® 8 oz or Larger 

174_Le-xU4J6QJ3Afu0PKd3M_COUPON1230   Save $1.00  on any TWO (2) boxes of Quaker(R) Instant Oatmeal (any flavor/variety)


Save $1.00 on the purchase of any 2 boxes of Quaker(R) Crunchy Oat Granola Cookies or Quaker(R) Stila(R) Crispy Oat Cookie Bars or Quaker Stila Bits

179_SCSu1Ln0kwdG39Q23O9G_COUPON1227Save 50¢ on One (1) 16.9oz. HERSHEY®’S French Vanilla, Hazelnut or Mocha Chocolate Coffee Creamers

174_amcy6gVfmEY0m6V6rr57_COUPON1231  Save $1.00 when you buy any TWO (2) boxes of Quaker(R) Cereal 12-28 oz (any flavor/variety) 

175_gV1jlzoc1XecwyIuwbEN_COUPON1194 $1.00 Off Good on your purchase of one (1) Sabra Dipping item 8oz or greater

99_avcAt09i39fg79gOdk3i_COUPON118650¢ Off  The purchase of any (1) one Immaculate Baking Scone or Cinnamon Roll product

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