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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cash back debit card! Why not get paid to pay your bills !?!

I LOVE my rewards cards. I have a rewards credit card through Visa that I use on occasion BUT my favorite reward card is a my PayPal Premiere Business Card! It is a debit card that I have linked to my bank account via my PayPal account. I currently ear 1.5% cash back on all signature purchases. I use it as a "coupon" for EVERYTHING I buy from the PS2 I bought at Walmart for my husband using the click through rebate site Ebates. I even pay my bills using my PayPal debit card! I LOVE getting 1.5% cash back on my power bill! I love even more being able to combine coupons + sale price with the 1.5% cash back!

The PayPal Debit Card is not a credit card. It does however give you instant access to your PayPal account. You can use it at ATMs anywhere in the world or anywhere MasterCard is accepted. If you use your PayPal Debit Card as credit (any purchase you do not use you pin number for) you earn cash back.
Application Requirements:
  • PayPal user for at least 60 days
  • Should have Premier or Business account
  • Should register credit card with PayPal account
  • Account must be linked to bank account in order to be verified
  • Earn 1.5% cash back everytime you make a purchase (you have to be enrolled in the PayPal Preferred Rewards Program).
  • 100% protection against unauthorized charges (fraud and theft)
  • No annual fees
You can use the PayPal Debit Card like a normal debit card issued by your bank. It lets you withdraw money from ATMs ($1 per withdrawal fee) and make debit purchases with a PIN. When you use your PayPal Debit Card, your PayPal account funds or balance are used first. As an option, you can provide a backup funding source for your debit card in case you need to purchase something that costs more than your available funds. As a security measure, the debit card has a daily limit of $3,000.00 USD spending limit and a $400.00 USD ATM limit.
Click here to sign up for PayPal and apply for a PayPal Debit Card or to learn more about it.

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